When you watch a movie at home, perhaps you might feel lonely sometimes. However, it actually has more benefits than you might know. There are some advantages that make watching some movies at home feel better than watching them at the cinema.

First, it’s obvious that you can choose the movie freely and selfishly, due to you don’t have to follow the schedule of the cinema.

Then, you also don’t have to wait in the queue line to buy tickets or snacks, due to you can just watch some high-quality movies online, and you can get your snack from the fridge if you’ve prepared them before your movie-watching day.

Besides that, you can definitely pause the movie. Don’t worry about missing some parts of the movie if you need to go to the toilet, due to you just need to pause it, and the movie will only resume after you’ve finished your business in the toilet. However, if you watch a horror movie and you pause it for using the toilet, don’t be surprised if the movie unpauses itself when you are still in your toilet. (Just Kidding!)

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