Turning down the tale of Sleeping Beauty (1959), Disney added a lot of casts in Maleficent which was released in 2014. Maleficent is a Fey person who lives in a place called Moors. The Fey Nation is shown as a black fairy hiding from poaching and human life which is then revealed in this second film. You can watch this movie on 123 movies.

After five years, the latest sequel to Maleficent emerges, which is Maleficent: Mistress of Evil. The peaceful life of Maleficent as the protector of the Moors and Aurora as the Queen of the Moors changed unexpectedly when Prince Phillip proposed to Aurora and she accepted it. It’s because Maleficent does not like humans other than Aurora.

Maleficent, which is still played by Angelina Jolie and her adopted daughter Aurora, played by Elle Fanning, began to clash and question the meaning of family when both have different views. It started with the marriage that Aurora wanted to be opposed by Maleficent.

“Love doesn’t always end well, beastie.” reject Maleficent. Although I also agree, that love does not always end well.

Unbeknownst to everyone, Phillip’s mother, Queen Ingrith, plans to use the marriage to divide humans and fairies forever for the sake of her past revenge. That Maleficent and Aurora find themselves on the opposite side.

Maleficent: Mistress of Evil presents a conflict that has been alluded to previously, namely the feud between humans and fairies in the Moors. The difference is in the first film, maleficent remains in principle, she is a selfish and greedy creature. While in this second film, Maleficent is shown as someone who tries to be friendly by holding her ego for Aurora’s happiness. Even though in the end, Queen Ingrith is still successfully provoked her anger.

This Joachim Ronning film has successfully made Disney fans even more satisfied with old stories that can be presented through new ideas, and the vocalist Lana Del Rey who delivered the narration “One Upon A Dream” was able to become a powerful weapon to build the audience’s hype.

In addition, the acting contest between Angelina Jolie with her black and strong Maleficent character and Michelle Pfeiffer with her evil character who remained elegant with her role as Queen of Ingrith is amazing. However, the role of the two did not solely draw attention away from Elle Fanning as a beautiful and kind Aurora.

As a villain who is loved by Disney audiences, Maleficent’s awkward behavior when learning to be friendly and sweet in front of humans creates many people’s waves of laughter.

This film is not far from the original story of Sleeping Beauty. However, the determination of the main character is no longer Aurora, but Maleficent. The evil fairy told to curse Aurora to become a sleeping princess.